Although emotions and feelings are something each one of us has, it doesn't mean that they are easy to handle or manage. For some people, they generally don't cause too many problems, unless there is a major challenge in their life. And then there are other people who find it incredibly difficult to cope with their emotions. It is then irrelevant as to what is or what is not going on in their life; as the consequences are the same. Here one can end up being completely controlled by them and feel forever at their mercy. Now, if these emotions were 'positive' and uplifting, then there is not going to much concern as to whether one is controlled by them or not. This would be something that one is likely to embrace and not resist. What makes this a challenge is when these emotions are far from pleasant and are what could be labelled as destructive. In the first example, one is generally able to regulate how they feel. And so they have a reasonable degree of emotional control. But when it comes to next example, this ability doesn't exist. Or if it does, it is not developed enough for them to handle their emotions. Two Extremes So there is going to be people who have the ability and this allows them to minimize any emotional turbulence that they may experience in life. And then there are others who feel completely powerless when they do experience any kind of emotional unrest. There will then be people who are more or less in between the two. So it's not too much of a challenge that they feel out of out of control, but they won't exactly feel in control either. In this instance, it can relate to someone who has become numb. But to stick with the two extremes here, it would appear that one person has something the other person doesn't have. Both are human and are biologically the same and yet emotionally they are very different. Emotional Regulation This gives one the ability to do at least two things. On one side it makes it possible for one to just be with whatever emotions arise in most cases. So they don't have to deny how they are feeling and therefore repress them. And on the other side, it means one won't necessarily have to act on how they feel all the time. They will be able to resist the urge to direct them externally and onto people or animals for instance, who are innocent and have no part to play in their emotional experience. One is soothing themselves from the inside; just like how a mother would settle her crying baby down. If this was not possible, then one might seek the assistance of a trusted friend or their partner to hold the space for them. The main thing is that they are comfortable enough with their emotions to either sooth themselves and if that's not possible, then they will ask for support from others. The Missing Ability If this ability was the norm, then it is likely that a lot of things in this world would be different. In reality, this ability is something that few people posses and this leads to all kinds of consequences. Some of these can be overlooked and played down, and others are unmissable and create clear destruction.